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Plants for highly detailed Topiaries


Ajuga “reptans”
Burgundy Glow
Zone 4-8
Prefers dryer conditions
Likes Sun Pretty Color
Trails roots on moss
If Dry, usually bounces back with moisture “Bowties”
Zone 9-11
Prefers Moisture
Likes Sun Variety of Colors
Can be trimmed to maintain shape
Dianthus Gratianopolitanus
“tiny rubies” Cheddar Pink
Zone 3-8
Tolerates dryer conditions
Likes Sun Low growing
Nice color
Likes to be trimmed
“Skinlike” texture
“Spikey” look
Laurentia Fluviatilis
Blue Star Creeper
Zone 6-8
Prefers Moisture
Partial Shade Low growing
Trails roots onto moss
Pretty blue flowers
Very aggressive
“Furry” look
Full coverage
Leptinella “Platts Black”
New Zealand Brass Buttons
Zone 7-9
Likes Moisture
Partial Shade Good color & texture
Quick Growing
Trails roots through moss
All over coverage
Trimming promotes new growth
Lysimachia Nummularia
Creeping Jenny
Zone 4-8
Likes Moisture
Partial Shade Fast spreading
Trails roots onto moss
Likes to be trimmed
Color variety Full coverage
“Hairy” appearance
Sedum Acre
Golden Carpet Stonecrop
Zone 3-8
Prefers Dryer
Full Sun Color varieties
Nice coverage
Cuttings re-root
Can be trimmed for tight growth
Full Coverage
Sedum Kamtschaticum
Russian Stonecrop
Zone 3-8
Prefers dryer
Full sun Tolerates drought
Cuttings re-root
Good coverage
“Scaley” look
“Skin” like
Sedum Malcinoi
Ogon Stonecrop
Zone 7-9
Prefers dryer conditions
Full sun Bright yellow color
Fairly tight growing
Cuttings re-root
Good coverage “Scaley” look
Sedum Weihenstephaner
Zone 3-8
Tolerates dryer
Full sun Can be trimmed to spread
Red tints in fall/winter
Good coverage
“Scaley” look
Hen & Chick
Zone 3-8
Drought tolerant
Full sun Gives a finished look immediately
Drought tolerant
Maintains shape
Varieties of color & size Outlines
Thymus ‘Elfin’
Elfin Thyme
Zone 4-8
Prefers dryer conditions
Likes sun Quick coverage
Very low growing
Trails roots on moss “Scaley” look
“Skin” like

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